Aubrey DeVine

M.S. Environmental Health, Class of 2017

What was your research topic?

Building off the previous research of Calkins et al. (2016) who found increased relative risks for both Basic Life Support (BLS) calls and Advanced Life Support (ALS) calls on a King County-wide extreme heat day compared to a non-heat day, this study redefined the spatial scale of analysis to 4km x 7.5km grid cells.  Additionally, it looked at county-wide temporal variations in EMS calls as well as examined the relationship of local extreme heat relative risk with community-level grid cell variables: percent tree canopy, percent impervious surfaces, total population, percent of population by age groups, percent development, percent water, average median income, and percent poverty. EMS data from the summer months of May 1st to September 30th, 2007 to 2012, was evaluated by calculating local crude relative risks for both BLS and ALS calls in each grid cell using a poisson regression and an a priori extreme heat threshold from Calkins et al. (2016).

Who did you partner with to conduct your research?

King County Emergency Medical Service Department

What was the geographical focus of your research?

King County, WA

How can the findings of your research impact or inform resilience to extreme events?

This more spatial sensitive analysis highlighted the areas that were particularly vulnerable to an EMS call in the event of extreme heat. It will help the EMS department better prepare their BLS and ALS units for the case of extreme heat. 

What have you learned from working on this project? How will it inform your future work/career?

I gained significant quantitative skills from this project. It involved managing and preparing large datasets, basic coding skills, along with designing and troubleshooting through complicated statistical analyses. 

Related publications/accepted presentations

Devine, A., Vu, P., Yost, M., Seto, E., & Busch Isaksen, T. (2017). A Geographical Analysis of Emergency Medical Service Calls and Extreme Heat in King County, WA, USA (2007-2012). International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 14(8), International journal of environmental research and public health, 20 August 2017, Vol.14(8).

DeVine 2017