annie doubleday

MPH Environmental Health, Class of 2019

What is your research topic?

My research examines the health risks associated with exposure to wildfire smoke in Washington State. Specifically, I am exploring whether exposure to wildfire smoke increases the risk of mortality.

Who are you partnering with to conduct your research?

I am partnering with the Washington State Departments of Health and Ecology. They are interested in advancing their understanding of health impacts in the state in order to develop better risk communication.

What is the geographical focus of your research?

My research currently focuses on the health impacts in Washington State.

How can the findings of your research impact or inform resilience to extreme events?

My research will help inform resilience to extreme events by adding to the literature on health impacts of wildfire smoke exposure and establishing some baseline research that is specific to Washington State. This will also help inform state agencies’ risk communication for future wildfire seasons.  

What have you learned from working on this project? How will it inform your future work/career?

I am learning how to collaborate effectively with different agencies and sectors as well as connecting academia and practice in the interest of improving knowledge around health impacts of wildfire smoke in the state. This experience will help me work across sectors in my work in the future.